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When you hire Lawlor Family Painting for you interior or exterior house painting needs in Albany, NY or points south you can expect top notch customer service and quality products. Here is an overview of what we will do for you:

      We will remove or cover all of your furniture, plants, appliances, wall hangings, floors, and floor coverings with dropcloths in order to protect against paint drips, drops, and damage. 

         We will wipe down all surfaces to be painted to remove dust and clean them to remove any dirt or mildew that will prohibit a nice finish coat.

      If there are issues that affect the surface or structure of the areas to be painted we will repair these using the best methods and quality products. We repair most plaster, drywall, and wood surfaces. 

Filling & Caulking
      Any large holes, gouges, or gaps will be filled with filler or caulk.

      Any surfaces that have been filled and/or improperly rough surfaces should be sanded before priming or painting to allow proper adhesion and a smooth surface.

      Bare surfaces, glossy surfaces, stained surfaces, and repaired areas should be primed before painting. We will add one or two coats as needed to these areas.

        Once the surfaces to be painted have been properly prepared, then we will add the final touch - your new paint color! Lawlor Family Painting will work closely with you to help you choose your desired color and finishes. Then we will carefully and skillfully apply your paint. Generally two coats of paint is the recommended application, but occasionally one coat will provide optimal coverage and performance under some conditions.

       At LFP we guarantee your satisfaction. We are always available for your questions, comments, or concerns - even months or years after we have completed your project. We don't just paint but we build relationships. We are very proud of the fact that we have a 100% positive track record with our clients. In fact, the majority of our clients have had us back 2-3 times or more to complete other painting projects for them!

         Problems are not common, but they do happen (no person or product is perfect). When there is a problem, you can be assured that we will thoroughly inspect the issue, diagnose the cause, and create a plan to fix it. We don't try to find fault or problems, we find solutions and satisfaction!

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