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Here in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York we have had the mildest winter that I can remember in the 25 years that I have lived here. We just got 5" of snow the other day and I think that was the most all season!

Well, now that April is here it is time to start thinking about your outdoor home projects this Spring and Summer. Lawlor Family Painters is here to help! If you need someone to look over your property and figure out what you need to prioritize, give us a call for a free consultation.

Putting some color back in your life...

Painting and staining in Gilboa New YorkAs we began this year, we decided to focus on a marketing message to help you to "Put some color back in your life". This was an important message for us not only because we want to gain more painting business, but also because it is a reminder that this life is short in the face of eternity and we must remember to spend our time in pursuit of those things that really matter.

So far, this year we have been extremely busy travelling all over Greene, Columbia, Albany, and Rensallaer counties here in upstate New York.

How to Choose Colors: Segment 5

Segment 5: My Own Experience With Light

As we discover how to choose colors for our space and we learn the importance of considering lighting, I thought I would share an experience I had with color.

Last summer we were painting the interior of a house in Loudonville, a suburb of Albany, NY, and the master bedroom was Glidden Stone 806, a light gray color. As I was painting, I noticed the color seemed purple. Knowing the client was adamant about wanting a soothing neutral color, I was a bit worried as well as perplexed.

Choosing Colors

Segment 4: Types of Light

Did you know that the type of lighting in your house can have a great effect on how colors will look when painted on a wall? Here are 3 types of lighting and how they effect colors:

Direct Sunlight: Considered the ideal light source, natural sunlight maintains a neutral balance between the warm (yellow cast) and cool (blue cast) ends of the light spectrum. Northern light is the coolest, while light from a southern exposure is most intense. Direct sunlight provides the truest rendition of colors within a room.

How to Choose colors for Your space: Part 3

"How to Choose Colors for Your House"
Segment 3: Color - A Function of Light

Have you ever seen a paint chip or color that you absolutely loved in a store but found it looked completely different when you took it home? You've just experienced "metamerism," a phenomenon whereby colors seem to change when viewed under different light sources. It's always best to view color swatches in the actual space and lighting conditions in which they'll be used. Some colors are particularly prone to metamerism, including tans, taupes, grays, grayed-blues, mauves, lilacs and grayed yellow-greens.

Segment 2: Create Your Palette

Segment 2: Create Your Palette
  • Once you have gathered your paint color ideas, take a look at your collection and see which design elements stand out. Are there specific colors, styles, or other elements that attract you?
  • Group paint colors to see which ones most appeal to you.
  • View all paint samples together in the rooms where they will be used. You will then see what your choices will look like with existing elements and in actual lighting conditions.
      (We will discuss why this is important in our next segment.